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All the contents - text as well as graphics on our website is for educational purposes only. This is not an Investment Advice or recommendations offered to any person(s) with respect to the purchase or sale of the stocks / futures. We shall not be held responsible for the actions of individuals, parties, or corporations taken in response to the ideas, thoughts, concepts or information presented in this website i.e. Hence all the visitors are requested to apply their prudence and consult their financial or investment adviser before acting on any of the Share tips/ Stock tips Ideas / advise/ recommendations on this website. is not responsible for any loss of cheques, demand drafts etc neither they are responsible for any delay in stock tips due to non receipt of payment. Your stock market tips services will only be activated after we receive complete payment of our charges.

Stock market is not a place for claiming guaranteed income by trading in stock trading tips the information contained herein is based on our analysis and we consider them reliable. We, however, do not vouch for the accuracy or the completeness of the material on this website. This material is for personal information and we are not responsible for any loss incurred based upon it. The investments discussed or recommended in this report may not be suitable for all investors. Investors must make their own investment decisions based on their specific investment objectives and financial position and using such independent advice, as they believe necessary. The information and analysis is based on various statistical reports which are dependent on high volatile market condition. The prediction is based on personal views and experience. These can't be taken as the final and accurate to invest in the market. The risk of profit and loss is 100% based on your who is our customer, as many factors affect the analysis i.e. government policies, natural calamities, international market and prices which are beyond our control. We provide stock market tips trial for two days to our customers. We also update our daily Nse share tips performance on our website Only if our customers are satisfied with our two day free trial services of providing stock tips by sms, they can subscribe to our stock trading tips services. We don't provide and refunds on our stock tip services. Technical Team - Stock tips services


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