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Day Trading Tricks for Intraday Traders

Day Trading Tricks & Tips for Day Traders

Day trading can be very risky, if not done professionally. A Trading should know all the important information about day trading in Nse stock market. We have prepare some important day trading tricks or you can also called as important day trading tips of day trading, which will help traders to make huge money in nse share market.

Traders should trade as per their own risk capability and try to minimize losses by following stop loss and targets to book profits. Traders should never be greedy, and always book profits on targets decided by them.

We want day traders to follow all the information displayed, if really they want to make huge money in stock market.

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Day Trading Tricks for Day Traders

  • Sai Intraday Tips want safe traders to trade in small quantities in our Risky, positional and options calls. We do not give follow-up alerts or target hit messages in these calls. Trader should follow our targets and stop loss given with the call.
  • We are here to give full support in our Intraday cash, f&o, Sure-shot, Jackpot Call and BTST calls for our paid members. Please don’t call our customers care numbers in running market for getting update on our given stock tips. We will provide you all the alerts and target hit messages in live market. Also traders can follow our targets and stop loss given with the calls.
  • If you to do Safe trading, you can book profits on your own, don’t wait for target’s to reached, you can book profits any time without waiting for our exit sms if you are making profits.
  • If you are a professional trader who trades online sitting in front of the screen, then only you should trade in our Pre Opening call. If you are offline traders who trade by calling broker then you should avoid our Pre-Opening call. Please read how to trade in pre-opening call, This will guide you and will help you to make money in stock market.
  • If our call is going otherwise, we request members to not to buy more or sell more to average. This can lead to huge loss of your capital. If call is going other way, you can exit for our call to avoid more loss and wait for our new recommendations (stock tips calls)
  • 6) We give one call in cash segment and 2-3 calls in f&o segment. Traders who don’t know how to trade in F&o segment or don’t have capital to trade in f&o segment can trade our all f&o calls in cash segment. We have prepare a guide that will help you trade our F&o call in cash segment
  • Tracking Market trend and trading as per maket trend is very important for day trading. We want traders not to trade opposite of the market trend at any time. If you are trader and you think that the present trend will change in few minutes, wait for the trend to change and then trade in nse market.
  • Trade in our stock tips with equal quantities, Don’t put your all capital in one trade, trade in our tips with equal fund, for example if you have capital of 1,00,000 and your broker is giving you a margin of 3 times on your capital, your day trading limit is 3,00,000/-. We advised you to buy or sell stock worth Rs 1,00,000 in our each stock tips call. As we will keep 2-3 calls at a time, you can trade in all calls with the available margin.
  • Always follow our Stop Loss given with the buying or selling recommendation. Don’t every change the stop loss given by us in our share tips call.

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Our main aim of our website is to educate all the indians trading in share market for planning to trade in share market. We want all indians to benefit by doing day trading in stock market. We request traders to read this page and follow the instructions striclty while doing day trading.


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